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Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers: Big-firm results with a small-firm feel: Chester Law Group Co., LPA

If your car is hit by a semi-truck driving while driving on I-77 and you are severely injured, chances are you'll be seeing the insurance adjuster soon enough. Before you sign or agree to anything, you should know one thing:

Catastrophic injury victims, such as those who have been paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury, are often pressured to settle quickly.

Why? Because the insurance companies know that the quicker they get you to settle, the less likely it is that you will get a lawyer. If you don't have an attorney fighting for you, the insurance company almost always saves a lot of money, while you, the victim, end up with less.

You may be tempted to take the insurance company's compensation offer even if the payout is unfairly low or fails to cover your medical expenses. You might feel rushed to get back to work and make up for wages lost while you were in the hospital, or you may live in rural Ohio and you just don't know where to find a good attorney.

Don't take chances with your future. Without experienced legal representation you could be faced with mounting medical bills or be denied life improving medical treatment all together. Don't let this happen to you!

At the Chester Law Group Co., LPA, our attorneys can show you the big picture: long-term recovery and justice for you and your family.

The Chester Law Group Co., LPA, handle serious personal injury cases throughout the state of Ohio, with 19 offices in locations including Akron, Youngstown, Cleveland, Canton, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. Our attorneys protect and advocate for the injured victims of

Our lawyers serve serious injury clients living anywhere in Ohio, combining the resources of a big law firm with the personal attention and care you would expect from a small law firm. We are aggressive in our pursuit of justice in major injury and wrongful death cases because we care about our clients. We only work for the victims and never for insurance companies.

Whether you or your loved one was hit by a coal truck on Route 70 or you suffered a brain injury from a car accident on I-90, our attorneys are available statewide in Ohio to protect your rights. We have fulltime trial attorneys on staff dedicated solely to standing up to the auto insurance industry.

  • If you live anywhere in the state of Ohio...
  • If you have been seriously injured or a loved one has died because of someone else's recklessness or negligence...
  • If your injury is not your fault, and you want a fair settlement for your loss...

Please contact Chester Law Group Co., LPA. Call 1-800-218-4243 or fill out our online contact form now for experienced Ohio personal injury lawyers.

At the Chester Law Group Co., LPA, we are absolutely dedicated to getting results for our clients, and our track record speaks for itself.  Contact your Ohio wrongful death attorney today.

Chester Law Group Co., LPA are located in Akron, Youngstown, Canton, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, Westlake, Amherst, Beachwood, Mentor, Twinsburg, Ravenna, Warren, Medina, Dayton, Maumee, Cleveland, Wooster, and Independence, Ohio.

Our offices serve clients statewide in Ohio including the following areas:

Akron / Canton, Cleveland and the Cleveland Metropolitan Area, Youngstown / Warren, Elyria / Lorain, Maumee, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and rural Ohio.

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Auto Accidents

Ohio Car Accident Attorney dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of Ohio victims in major motor vehicle accidents.

Personal Injury

The Ohio personal injury accident lawyers at Chester Law Group Co., LPA handle serious personal injury cases statewide in Ohio. These are experienced personal injury lawyers.

Wrongful Death

Chester Law Group Co., LPA is dedicated to protecting the rights of surviving victims in Ohio wrongful death cases.

Truck Accidents

The Ohio truck accident lawyers at Chester Law Group Co., LPA are committed to protecting the rights of severely injured victims of Ohio semi truck and tractor trailer accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Ohio motorcycle accident attorney answers your questions including what actions need to be taken. Unfortunately, one wrong move can hurt your case. At the Chester Law Group, we will help you through the confusing time period following a motorcycle crash. We will also help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for answers to your questions and to learn your legal rights.

Medical Malpractice

The lawyers at Chester Law Group represent Ohioans who have been seriuosly injured or harmed by the mistake, negligence or malpractice of a doctor, nurse, hospital or other health care providers in Ohio.

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