Motorcycle Accidents

Life can change drastically after being injured in a motorcycle collision. Many accident victims endure multiple surgeries and extended hospital stays. Others face months of painful and frustrating rehabilitation. Some are not able to work for months after the accident, and a few will never be able to work again. While the resulting damages may differ between each victim, one thing remains the same — if you were injured by another motorist while riding your motorcycle, you deserve fair financial compensation.

Winning Compensation For Your Biker Injury

Chester Law Group Co. LPA is a very well-respected personal injury law firm in Ohio. We only take personal injury cases, and our lawyers have more than 190 years of combined legal experience. With 19 office locations throughout the state, including Akron, we have been able to help thousands of Ohio accident victims secure money for their injuries.

In motorcycle accident cases, oftentimes the defense will try to peg motorcyclists are reckless and wild drivers. But our lawyers know better. We understand that automobile drivers are notorious for not seeing motorcycles on the road. In some cases, a driver changes lanes without looking. In other instances, a driver fails to double-check traffic while making a turn at an intersection. As a result of these and other driving errors, accidents happen and motorcyclists get hurt.

Because there is little to protect a motorcycle rider from the impact of a crash, the resulting injuries tend to be severe and can include trauma to the brain or spine. However, regardless of the injuries you have endured, our lawyers are prepared to fight for your right to maximum compensation.

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After a motorcycle accident, it is never too soon to contact a lawyer. Do not talk to the insurance companies without legal representation. They may pressure you into a lowball settlement before the true extent of your injuries is known. They may also take your statements and use them against you down the road.

Instead, contact our motorcycle accident attorney at 800-218-4243 right away. We will begin protecting you from the moment you retain us.

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