Adjusting to life as an amputee is full of challenges. New skills must be learned in order to function in your daily life. In addition, dealing with the psychological repercussions takes time. However, when your injuries were the result of someone else's negligence, you must also face a complex legal process to obtain financial compensation. This is not something to do on your own. By calling upon the skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can secure money to pay for your medical expenses, prosthetics, lost wages, and physical pain and emotional suffering.

Loss Of Arm | Loss Of Foot | Loss Of Limbs

The attorneys at Chester Law Group Co. LPA have been leaders in personal injury representation for many years. Combined, we have more than 190 years of experience. We have seen the devastation that our clients have gone through after their accidents. We have also seen how insurance companies fight to minimize rightful financial compensation. That's where we can help.

Our legal team deals with injury cases involving the amputation of any body part, including:

  • Hand
  • Finger
  • Foot
  • Toe
  • Leg
  • Arm

When accident victims face amputation, life changes drastically. Physical therapy can take months, and learning how to function without a limb, or with an artificial limb, is a grueling process. In addition, some amputees can no longer perform the work they once did. Our attorneys make sure to assess every single way in which your injury has impacted your life, and seek fair compensation accordingly.

We have had great success negotiating favorable settlements for our clients; however, sometimes the insurance companies refuse to provide fair offers. When this happens, we are always prepared for trial. We have a significant amount of trial experience and we have a solid track record of securing just verdicts.

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If you were injured in an accident, and as a result faced amputation, our law firm can help. Contact our amputation lawyers today at 800-218-4243 to learn more. We have 19 office locations statewide, including Akron.

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