Brain Injuries

The brain is a very complex and delicate organ. Even the slightest trauma can cause significant damage to the accident victim. These injured individuals may face concussions, seizures, memory loss, change in mood or behavior, chronic headaches, loss of motor functions, and complications with speech and hearing. In the aftermath of a brain injury, proper medical attention and monitoring is essential. In addition, if your injuries were the result of an accident caused by another person, it is vital to get a personal injury attorney involved right away.

Head Injuries And Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

If you have been seriously hurt in an accident and experienced traumatic brain injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation. These types of accidents often involve long-term medical care, rehabilitation and severe pain — so you need to consider compensation for continued medical care and loss of your ability to earn wages in the future.

At Chester Law Group Co. LPA, we have been handling serious injury cases for a long time. We understand what medical information you need to support your claim, as well as what medical exams are necessary. Our lawyers also know how to address the complex issues that arise when dealing with the insurance companies.

Can A DTI MRI Help Diagnose Your Brain Injuries?

The diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) MRI is one of the latest devices in medical imaging technology. These machines can visually map the brain and show damage that other standard MRIs cannot. Currently, there are only two of these machines in Ohio. If you suspect a brain injury but medical tests do not confirm this, a DTI MRI scan may be able to help.

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