Spine And Back Injuries

Accident victims can face a range of spine and back injuries, each with varying degrees of seriousness. Some will deal with permanent nerve damage or chronic pain; others will face partial or full paralysis. Regardless of the spine or back injury you have sustained, if someone else was responsible for the accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

How Will You Be Affected By A Spine Or Back Injury?

After an accident, it is important to find the right personal injury law firm to represent you. You may have significant medical expenses. You may be unable to work and earn an income. And you may be dealing with a long, painful recovery. Your future well-being depends on securing fair compensation for what you have endured.

When you work with the Chester Law Group Co. LPA, you will be represented by a highly experienced team of Ohio lawyers. We only focus on personal injury matters and know how to address specific injury types, including spine and back injuries.

Issues we can handle include:

  • Making the case for soft tissue damage such as whiplash
  • Accounting for expensive medical equipment such as motorized wheelchairs for paralysis victims
  • Seeking compensation for chronic pain associated with nerve damage or herniated disks
  • Proving that an individual can no longer work, or can no longer work in the same capacity due to back injuries

After you are injured, it is the job of insurance adjusters to minimize your settlement — so you need someone fighting to maximize it. The insurance companies know that our firm will not back down when presented with less than fair offers. They know we are willing to go the distance to see justice served, including advancing to trial.

Learn How We Will Fight For You

As your counsel, we are willing to use all legal means necessary to ensure you are compensated fairly. Contact our back injury attorneys to learn more. We have 19 office locations in Ohio, including Akron, so you can work with a lawyer right in your own community.

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