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May 2013 Archives

Amherst Car Accident Lawyer States Settling Your Claim Could Cost You Your Health Insurance Coverage

Amherst Car Accident Lawyer

Settling Your Personal Injury Claim Can Cost You Your Health Insurance Coverage.

Chester Law Group Co., LPA founder David M. Chester explains in the following article how to protect your health insurance benefits when you settle your personal injury claim. Attorney Chester states as a general rule, BE SURE TO GET PERMISSION FROM YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY TO SETTLE YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM.

Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer Reviews Most Common Reasons 18 Wheelers Cause Accidents

Author David Chester Truck Accident Lawyer Cincinnati, Ohio

Some of the most common reasons that an eighteen wheeler has caused an accident are simply a lack of experience or an overworked, fatigued driver. Neither of those reasons are the fault of the injured party.

Preble County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Covering 426 square miles, only 2 of which are covered in water most of the year, Preble County is located along the western border of Ohio. The county takes its name from Commodore Edward Preble, a noted naval officer later a shipbuilder of some repute. The Township of Eaton is listed as the county seat for Preble County as well as its largest population center, but the Ohio Department of Public Safety counts it as a separate area where traffic is concerned. As a result, of the 42,337 residents that live in Preble County, only 34,204 are covered in the most recent reports issued by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Lorain County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located along the shores of Lake Erie in north-central Ohio, Lorain County is named after Lorraine, France. While part of Greater Cleveland is located in Lorain County, which causes the overall population of the county to spike to just over 284,000, the population of the various townships in Lorain County add up to only 73,516.

Madison County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Named after the fourth President of the United Stated, James Madison, Madison County is located near the heart of Ohio. Part of the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area, only 31,442 of the 40,213 residents in Madison County live in the various townships that are located throughout the county. Covering 466 square miles, only a single square mile of Madison County is covered in water during the majority of the average year. It is also worth noting that Madison County experiences inclement weather during at least 3 months during the average year.

Monroe County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located along the southeast border of Ohio, Monroe County takes its name from United States President James Monroe. Despite the fact that Monroe County covers 457 square miles, nearly 2 of which are covered in water most of the year, only 15,180 (up from 14,832 in 2007) people call Monroe County home. Thankfully, those 15,180 residents do seem to be safe drivers, as only 242 traffic accidents were recorded in Monroe County during 2007, and an equal number the following year.

Motorcycle Accidents and Brain Anatomy: How Do I Really Know If I Have Permanent Brain Damage From The Accident?

The number of motorcycles on the road have increased creating more motorcycle accidents than ever before. These motorcycle accidents are not what you would consider run of the mill accidents as a motorcycle driver has less protection during a crash. These types of accidents are catastrophic or even fatal. Victims of motorcycle accidents often have their lives changed forever due to traumatic brain injury (TBI), especially if they are not wearing a helmet. Serious head injuries and long-term disabilities from crashes are creating huge medical costs. Because Personal injury cases of this type can be very complex, you need experienced Motorcycle accident attorneys to handle them successfully. Be wary when an insurance company representing the other driver contacts you and asks you to give them a statement on how the accident occurred. A recorded statement could damage your position. The best thing to do is not to speak with the other driver's insurance company. You need help from an experienced Motorcycle accident attorney. The Motorcycle accident attorneys at the Chester Law Group in Ohio understand the serious injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents along with the unique safety issues. The Chester Law Group can be contacted at 800-218-4243 or visit their website at

Vinton County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located along the southern edge of the heart of Ohio, Vinton County is named after Congressman Samuel Finley Vinton. With only 12,806 residents, Vinton County is sparsely populated despite covering 415 square miles. Vinton County lists McArthur as its county seat, but the Ohio Department of Public Safety has no record of traffic accidents in that particular township. This may be caused by the Ohio Department of Public Safety's tendency to evaluate cities and larger townships as micropolitan areas rather than part of the county or counties in which they exist.

What if the Insurance Company Obtains My Medical Records Without My Consent?

When you are injured in Ohio as a result of someone's negligence (whether in a car accident, truck accident, hit by a car crossing the road or crosswalk, etc.) and you make a claim for the injuries you suffered as a result of the person's negligence, you put your health at issue. This means that the liable parties and those paying the bills (usually the insurance company for the person who was negligent) is entitled to access some of your medical history. Obviously, you want to disclose those that are for treatment as a result of the accident to prove damages. There are limits on what they are entitled to view however. The liable party is only entitled to receive medical records which are related in some manner to the injuries claimed, or, in other words those that are not privileged. In order for the insurance company to obtain your medical records, they must either be produced from you or your attorney or obtain a signed release from you which allows them to obtain your records directly.

What if the person who hit me was not cited for causing the collision?

Many people injured in an Ohio motor vehicle accident believe that in order to be compensated the person who hit them must have been cited by police. While a police report which indicates that the person who injured you was also cited is given the most weight by insurance companies in determining fault, it is not the only way. Most of the time the police officer who writes the police report was not actually a witness to the accident. Instead, they determine whether or not to cite someone based on what the parties involved and witnesses state. As a result, most police reports are inaccurate to some degree.

Wood County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Named after American Army officer Eleazer D. Wood, Wood County is located just south of Lake Erie in northern Ohio. Home to 121,065 residents, almost half of which live in the Toledo Metropolitan area and are thus not counted by the Ohio Department of Public Safety as county residents, Wood County covers a majestic 621 square miles. Of those 621 square miles, 3 to 4 are covered in water during a significant portion of the year. This means that the entire county is prone to humidity as well as adverse weather conditions, a particularly dangerous combination for motorists.

Toledo Car Accident Lawyer On How Gaps In Treatment Harm Your Claim

Do gaps in treatment harm my Ohio motor vehicle claim?

Attorney David M. Chester from Chester Law Group, a Toledo car accident law firm with offices across Ohio and based in Akron, discusses below whether gaps in treatment harm your Ohio accident claim.

Athens County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in along the southeast border of Ohio, Athens County is home to just over 60,000 people. Nearly half the population of Athens County lives in the Township of Athens, which is also the county seat of Athens County. Both Athens County and the Township of Athens derive their name from the center of learning in ancient Greece by the same name. This may be due to the fact that Athens County was formed from Washington County in 1805, a year after the founding of Ohio University within the county limits.

Auglaize County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

With nearly 47,000 residents, Auglaize County is only moderately populated. Located in the western portion of Ohio, and is named after the river that flows through the county. There are two schools of thought regarding the origin of the river and county name, with one side believing that the word is a slurred pronunciation of the French words for clay and water. Others believe it to be derived from a Native American tongue that would translate roughly as "fallen timbers." Wapakoneta is the county seat for Auglaize County, but is otherwise unremarkable from the standpoint of traffic accidents.

Clark County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the heart of Ohio, Clark County is named for General George Rogers Clark. Clark County lists the Township of Springfield as its most populous township as well as its county seat. Founded in 1818, Clark County has grown from a sparsely populated region to the home of just under 80,000 residents.

Clermont County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Bordering Kentucky, Clermont County is located in the far southern section of Ohio. Some believe that Clermont County derives its name from the French words "clear mountain" despite the absence of mountains or even tall hills within the area. There are large nearby mountain ranges that may explain the name, but cast into question the naming of Clermont County. Clermont County is one of the more densely populated counties in Ohio, with just under 170,000 residents living in a space of approximately 458 square miles.

Defiance County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in near the far northwestern border of Ohio, Defiance County derives its name from the once-glorious military facility built at the point where the Auglaize and Maumee rivers meet. Covering approximately 414 square miles, Defiance County is home to approximately 39,500 residents and lists the Township of Defiance as its county seat and its largest population center. With over 13,400 residents, the Township of Defiance is home to over a third of the residents of the entire county.

Franklin County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the heart of Ohio, Franklin County is named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Containing part of Columbus within its borders, Franklin County has a population of well over a million residents. A little less than a third of those residents live in the various townships in Franklin County, the latest of which (by population) happens to be the Township of Mifflin with 35,787 residents.

Geauga County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located tantalizingly close to Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio, Geauga County derives its name from the Native American word for "raccoon." This is not surprising considering the number of raccoons that inhabit the 408 square mile county that is home to over 90,000 residents. Of those 90,0000 some-odd residents, 79,339 live in the various townships located throughout the county.

Greene County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Greene County is named in memory of General Nathanael Greene, and is located just southwest of central Ohio. While Greene County is home to almost 150,000 residents only 116,713 of those individuals reside in the townships located throughout the county. These statistics are fairly common for counties in and near central Ohio, despite the fact that Greene County is over 200 years old.

Hardin County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Occupying 207 square miles near the western edge of the heart of Ohio, Hardin County takes its name from an officer in the American Revolutionary War. Hardin County is home to 31,945 residents, many of which happen to live in the various townships located throughout the county. Kenton is the county seat for Hardin County, and is also listed as the largest population center in Hardin County.

Highland County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

The hilly terrain in Highland County is believed to have lent the county its name, especially the topography near Little Miami and Scioto. 5 square miles of the overall 558 square miles of Highland County are covered in water most of the year, which is impressive considering the fact that Highland County is located near the southern edge of Ohio and thus far away from Lake Erie.

Lake County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

It is no surprise that Lake County derives its name from Lake Erie, Lake County was founded in 1840 and has seen its population grow steadily from just under 14,000 to nearly a quarter of a million residents. Of those near-quarter million residents, only 63,634 live in the various townships located throughout Lake County. It is worth noting that only 228 of the 979 square miles of Lake County are covered in land most of the year, and that inclement weather and airborne moisture often create difficult driving conditions.

Lawrence County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the southernmost tip of Ohio, Lawrence County is home to 62,319 residents. Named after USS Chesapeake commander James Lawrence, Lawrence County is comprised 457 square miles of territory, 2 of which are usually covered in water throughout the year. Being located in the southern part of Ohio does help to shelter Lawrence County against some of the state's infamously foul weather, and that in turn should help create overall safer road conditions. At least, that is the theory.

Food poisoning? Victims of food borne illness have rights. Chester Law Group may be able to help.

Food poisoning has been in the news. Most recently, 150 people were sickened with salmonella after eating at Taco Bell restaurants. What is food poisoning? Do victims of food poisoning have legal rights?

How Social Media Can Affect Your Ohio Personal Injury Case

Recently there has been much debate among Ohio personal injury lawyers regarding social media, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Social media has come up in personal injury cases as of late, including cases for injuries from car or truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, product liability cases, etc. Insurance companies and their representatives are always coming up with new tactics for paying out less to injured victims. Recently, they have turned to injured victims' social media pages in attempting to discredit injuries. The most obvious thing the defense will look for is pictures or comments that are inconsistent with the alleged injuries, i.e. pictures of a person alleging a sprained lower back doing gymnastics shortly after the accident. Contrary to what the media may have you believe, the reality is that situations such as these rarely if ever come up, as clients of this sort are quickly weeded out by the Plaintiff's attorney and/or the client's doctor. However, the defense doesn't just look for these obvious contradictions. Pictures of a person smiling in a picture can be used against them. The defense may claim that a person injured is exaggerating their injuries because if they were in the pain that they allege they wouldn't be smiling. In reality, the injured person's symptoms might have just been at a low point at the time of the picture, or the victim might have been in pain when the picture was taken, but was just posing for the picture. This illustrates two points: 1. That insurance companies are well armed with the tools and knowledge to get people to settle claims at what we consider below fair value and 2. That people injured in Ohio due to someone else's negligence should be cognizant of what they put on their social media sites and who can view it.

Delaware County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Delaware County is one of the quickest growing suburban centers in the United States, and is home to well over 110,000 residents. Of those 110,000 or more residents, approximately 94,069 live in the various townships that comprise Delaware County, which happens to be named after a collective of Native American peoples that shared many characteristics and cultural traits. Occupying 456 square miles in the very heart of Ohio, Delaware County is poised for explosive growth. Unfortunately, explosive population growth may mean adding to the comparatively low number of annual traffic accidents experienced in Delaware County.

Ashtabula County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the very northeastern corner of Ohio, Ashtabula County is home to nearly 88,000 residents. The word Ashtabula is a literal translation of the Iroquoian phrase "river of many fish." This particular term may have something to do with the fact that the entire northern border of Ashtabula County borders Lake Erie.

Will My Insurance Company Raise My Rates If I Make a UM/UIM Claim For My Ohio Car Accident?

Maybe people are surprised when they find out that they have been paying extra premiums to their automobile insurer for uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage. This extra coverage acts as a supplement if you are involved in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident and the person who hit you either does not have automobile insurance to cover your damages or has a low limit policy. For example, if you carry underinsured coverage for $50,000.00 and the person who hit you only has liability insurance which covers $12,500.00 (Ohio's state minimum), then your insurance would be liable for $37,500.00 of your damages above and beyond the $12,500.00 if the damages amount to $50,000.00 or more. You pay extra in your premiums for this added protection in the event you are injured in a car or automobile accident in Ohio. In other words, when you make a claim against your own insurance company for UM/UIM benefits, you are seeking to obtain the compensation which you have been paying for. Ohio law prevents your insurance company from raising your premiums for making a claim against your insurer for UM/UIM benefits. Again, this is because you are only asking your insurance company to provide to you what you have already paid for. This does not mean that the insurance company will not attempt to raise your rates for some other alleged reason.

Medina County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located just northeast of the heart of Ohio, Medina County is home to over 150,000 residents. A little more than half of those residents dwell within the Greater Cleveland area, and thus are not counted as part of the populations of the townships in Medina County. The townships in Medina County have a total population of 74,131 residents according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and those residents will be the basis for the following statistics.

Miami County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Although many believe that Miami County draws its name from the famous city in Florida, the word is actually a Native American word that has an English translation which is currently being disputed. What is not debatable is the fact that Miami County is located just west of the heart of Ohio, and is home to just under 100,000 total residents. Of those nearly 100,000 residents, 78,095 live in the townships throughout Miami County, and are the basis for the statistics provided by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Do Mini Blind and Window Covering Products Endanger My Child?

Parents and caregivers would and should believe that the mini blinds or window coverings that they are hanging in their children's bedroom or in any other room in the house are safe. Unfortunately, the opposite has proven to be true by the staggering death statistics associated with these products.

Pickaway County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Pickaway County is located in the southern portion of central Ohio, and is named in honor of the Pekowi sub-group of Shawnee Native Americans that once lived in the area. The most populous city within Pickaway County is Scioto, with 9165 residents, while Circleville remains that county seat with approximately 2300 residents. The entire population of Pickaway County is just under 40,000, a stark decline to the nearly 50,000 residents reported in the 2000 Census Report. It is also worth noting that the 2000 Census Report listed Circleville the most populous city within Pickaway County.

Putnam County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Putnam County is located in the northwestern section of Ohio and is named after General Israel Putnam, a war hero from the famous Battle of Bunker Hill. The most populated township in Putnam County happens to be Ottawa, which also happens to be the county seat. Home to 7,961 residents, the Township of Ottawa is home to at least twice as many people as any other township in Putnam County. The fact that overall county population is so low, and the population of many of the townships in Putnam County tend to be in the low 4-digit range, should result in statistics that need to be evaluated carefully and with an eye towards trends that last more than one year.

Stark County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Formed in 1808 and named after General John Stark, Stark County is located northeast of the heart of Ohio. While the population of Stark County is officially listed as 378,098, many of those residents live in areas that are considered separate and unique by the Ohio Department of Public Safety when it comes to traffic related statistics.

Traumatic brain injury linked to long term medical problems

Not only can a traumatic brain injury lead to numerous disabilities, but sometimes this type of injury can also lead to medical conditions in the future. For instance, Alzheimer's disease, dementia and Parkinson's disease have all been linked to earlier brain injury.

What are 5 tips for choosing the right motorcycle accident attorney

The present statistics are scary enough. Over 80% of all motorcycle accidents involve serious injuries, and now, as more and more people turn to motorcycles as a cheaper form of transportation, that percentage is likely to be even greater in the future. It is important that anyone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident should speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

What every rider needs to know after a motorcycle accident

As any experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you, there are specific things that you should and shouldn't do after a motorcycle accident. As an injured motorcyclist, you have certain rights and a motorcycle accident attorney's main job is to make sure those rights are protected. Below, you will find what every motorcycle rider needs to know after an accident and how a motorcycle accident law firm can help you get the financial compensation you deserve for your damages when someone else's carelessness causes your injuries.

Dangerous to sign a medical authorization

Is it dangerous to sign a medical authorization for the insurance adjuster after my motor vehicle accident?

Attorney David M. Chester from Chester Law Group, a Canton Ohio car accident law firm with offices across Ohio and based in Akron, explains the dangers of giving the insurance adjuster a general medical release after you have been injured in an Ohio accident.

What is an Average Settlement in Ohio for a Herniated Disk / Disc Claim in a Car Accident?

I am often asked what a herniated disc injury is worth. If I tell you $20,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, this does not really answer the question. I will say it all depends, and the client will ask what it depends on. This leads us to the issue of what factors determine case value of a herniated disc case. This is a very complicated question that involves many factors. For instance, a few issues that must be resolved are:

Fayette County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Fayette County is located just southwest of the very heart of Ohio, and is home to over 28,000 residents. Deriving its name from the Marquis de Lafayette, Fayette County covers 407 square miles and is surprisingly free of waterways for a county in Ohio. Fayette County is also unique in that it lists the Washington Court House as its seat, rather than a city or township.

Dealing With Unpaid Medical Bills After a Personal Injury in Ohio

Many people who have been injured in Ohio from a motor vehicle accident or other personal injury will often settle their claim with the insurance company quickly for a low value for fear of their medical bills remaining unpaid. Insurance companies know this and will often take advantage of this reality by offering low ball offers quickly after the accident hoping that a person will accept it to avoid their bills going unpaid for a period of time. However, an Ohio personal injury lawyer knows that there are ways to avoid medical bills going into collections.

Policy limits Ohio injury lawyer

The language in your auto insurance contract controls what your auto insurance company has to pay for, whether it is your policy or the policy of the person who hurt you. Insurance companies agree to pay for part of the damage caused by somebody's negligence up to a certain amount, called policy limits. What is actually written in the policy matters, as you can see from the case below. The issue was whether the insurance company had to pay the large attorney fee award given to an injured party when a drunk driver hit them and punitive damages were awarded. As you read the article, see how technical issues often determine how much money you are awarded for your pain and suffering. I suggest you read your auto insurance policy to see exactly what is and is not covered by your insurance company. You may be surprised at what you find.

Do you have a personal injury case

One of the questions that a personal injury attorney frequently hears is "Do I have a personal injury case?" Personal injury claims can encompass a wide range of accidents and injuries. In order for the courts to recognize that you have a valid case, you must be able to show that four legal elements are met. Many times, proving these four elements can be difficult for a lay person, but our experienced Ohio personal injury attorneys at Chester Law Group know exactly what to look for.

What the public needs to know about truck accident statistics

You have probably heard all these terms when it comes to describing a semi-truck: big rigs, 18 wheelers, tractor trailers, etc. All these terms relate to one specific type of vehicle that is essential on our nation's highways. Without these trucks, the infrastructure of our country would come to a halt. However, when an accident occurs involving one of these trucks, serious injuries or death are often the results. An accident involving a semi-truck can completely devastate someone's life and the lives of their family. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, you should contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. The experienced Ohio lawyers at Chester Law will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights as an injured party are protected and that you get the full and fair compensation that you and your family deserve.

Will my child be traumatized if I have to bring an Ohio personal injury lawsuit on his or her behalf?

Chester Law Group is very careful to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of children whom we represent. If you file a personal injury claim on behalf of your child, our Ohio serious injury lawyers will do their best to make sure that your child's involvement in any lawsuit is relatively limited. In Ohio injury case, the majority of the testimony and evidence is presented by adults, including the parents. In many cases, the child does not need to testify.

What are the most common car crash injuries

Injuries sustained in car crashes range from cuts and bruises, to broken bones to whiplash, to internal injuries, spinal cord injuries or head injuries. The types of injuries sustained depend on the type of crash, the speed involved, whether or not the victim was wearing a seatbelt, the speed of the vehicle, the safety features in the vehicle and whether there were loose objects in the car.

Low population, high risk: Why Ohios rural roads pos unique dangers

On the Ohio State Highway Patrol's 2009 map of fatal vehicle crashes, collisions are marked with various shapes indicating the number of people who died in the accident. Those little stars, squares, and circles are spread just about evenly across our state, a grim illustration of the fact that Ohio's cities aren't the only places tragedy strikes. In fact, some rural areas have proportionally worse accident statistics than the congested cities.

New light therapy improves traumatic brain injuries

A new breakthrough in the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries has been announced with the use of LED lights. Scientists from Boston University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard-MIT conducted a study which showed that light emitting diodes, or LED lights, have a beneficial effect on people suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

What are your rights if you are injured in a motorcycle accident?

Author David M. Chester Ohio Motorcycle Accident Laywer.

For motorcycle enthusiasts there is nothing as exhilarating as riding their beloved machine. The freedom that comes from the lack of a metal enclosure is part of why motorcycles are so popular. However, as many motorcycle accidents victims are aware, this lack of enclosure is why the injuries sustained in an accident are often so severe, even at slower speeds.

Warning Signs That Your Child May Have Suffered a Birth Injury

Article authored by David Chester Ohio birth injury lawyer.

While the birth of a child is the most wondrous experience for most parents unfortunately, not all births go as smoothly as everyone hopes and there is a small possibility that any child will suffer a birth injury during delivery. Hospitals and doctors normally take every precaution to prevent a birth injury, but they do happen, and if it happens to your child, you will need to contract the services of an experienced birth injury law firm.

Physical Forces Involved In A Traumatic Brain Injury

Why You May Need A Brain Injury Lawyer

David Chester's, Ohio personal injury lawyer, summary of this article:

No doubt serious car, truck, or motorcycle accidents can be deadly. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is very common with these accidents. TBI often involves damage to different areas of the brain that generate long-term disabilities and in some cases death. The complexity of brain anatomy makes it difficult to diagnose and repair. If you are in a serious vehicle accident make sure you have a brain scan done immediately and continue to follow through with more scans as TBI tends to be progressive. Make sure to contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible to see if you qualify for a personal injury settlement. If your accident is in Ohio, contact the Chester Law Group to speak with an experienced accident lawyer and get assistance on what you need to do to protect your rights. Call us at 800-218-4243.

Darke County Ohio car crash statistics

Located along the western border of Ohio, Darke County is home to over 53,000 residents and lists the Township of Greenville as its most populous city and its county seat. Named for military officer William Darke, Darke County spans 600 square miles and is almost completely water-free. Given Ohio's proximity to the great lakes, Lake Erie in particular, the near absence of waterways within Darke County is unusual.

Toyota recalls

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) fined Toyota over sixteen million dollars for not warning the government and the public about potential safety issues affecting Toyota vehicles. Since November 2009, Toyota has recalled more than nine million vehicles for problems ranging from sticky accelerators to computer system glitches to cable corrosion and brake problems. More than 52 car crash deaths and 32 injuries are blamed on these defects.

Drug and alcohol testing on truck drivers

The first thing a truck accident attorney will want to see are the results of drug and alcohol testing for a trucker involved in an accident. This testing is nothing new to a trucker, as they are subject to it through their employers at any time. As any experienced truck accident lawyer will no doubt tell you, any motor carrier than has employees with a commercial driver license must have a testing program in place.

Truck Accidents Caused by Re-tread Tires and Other Tire Failures

One of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents is tire failure. An experienced truck accident attorney has seen many cases where tire failure has led to horrific and tragic accidents. Many of these accidents might have been prevented, especially if the trucker had inspected the tires prior to embarking on his or her next trip. A accident attorney will use every means possible to determine if tire failure played a role in your accident and will work to make sure that your rights as an injured party are protected and that the responsible parties are held accountable for the accident.

What is "premises liability" and how does it affect my Ohio serious injury case?

Premises liability law is the body of law which makes the person or company who owns land or premises responsible for certain injuries that are suffered by persons who are visiting or occupying the premises. This may include accidents such as slip and falls in grocery stores and even crimes caused by insufficient security. This person or company can be held liable for damages related to the injury.

I was injured in an Akron car crash while I was driving a relative's car. Whose insurance policy am I covered under?

Ohio is an "at-fault" state. This means that the insurance company of the driver who caused the wreck pays. If you caused an Ohio traffic accident while driving someone else's car, both your own insurance policy and the insurance policy of the owner may be responsible for paying damages. Your injuries and your responsibility for injuries to others will be covered by the medical payments portion of your own insurance policy as long as you had permission to use the vehicle. However, your own insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle. The damage to the vehicle you were driving may not be covered unless the owner purchased collision coverage.

Brain injury and brain scans after accidents

There is no doubt that motorcycle, car and truck accidents will effect many areas of the body. Head, neck and back injuries are amongst the most common but these accidents can affect internal organs and limbs as well. Head and neck injuries also known as traumatic brain injury (TBI) results in serious consequences. Brain injury often leads to temporary/permanent loss of brain function. Skull fractures, bruising (bleeding), herniated discs and axon damage are generally involved in these types of accidents. Brain injury can be very difficult to diagnose (test for). Quite often concussions, seizures, headaches, dizziness, confusion, memory loss, depression and anxiety are involved in traumatic brain injury. Brain injury scans are required such as Pet scans, CT scans, MRI's, and general neurological tests. What type of brain injury you have depends on the direction of impact, the vehicle you were in and what you collided with. For that reason it is important to understand how the accident took place and make sure it is well documented. This mechanism of injury is key. Brain injuries might not show up immediately after your accident and can take months later to diagnose properly. Chances are you will need the assistance of an experienced brain injury lawyer. If you have been injured or someone you loved has been killed in an Ohio truck, car, or motorcycle accident, contact the Personal injury lawyers at the Chester Law Group to see if you qualify for a Personal injury settlement. The Chester Law Group can be contacted at 800-218-4243 or you can visit their website at

Aggravation of a preexisting condition

Some people who are injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident may have been suffering from symptoms or injuries to the same parts of the body that were also injured in the accident. Many times the injury from the accident makes the prior injury even worse than it was before. In this case, Ohio law states that the person responsible for those injuries is responsible for putting the person they injured into the position that the injured person was in prior to the accident.

Can I sue the hospital if I contract MRSA?

Over the last few months I have received many phone calls and emails from people who have contracted MRSA while staying in the hospital for routine surgeries, etc. They all ask me the same question: Can I sue the hospital because I contracted MRSA while staying at the hospital? I say yes you can sue, but you don't automatically win just because you contracted MRSA. You have to show that the hospital did something wrong and that negligence led to you contracting MRSA or not being treated effectively.

Who's at fault for slipping on ice?

Winters in Ohio are brutal. They are full of ice and snow. This is just how it is and Ohio law reflects the inherent dangers we all accept each winter by living in Ohio. Many Ohioans are seriously injured when they slip and fall on ice or snow outside their apartments or at a local store. The question I am asked by these people all the time is "can i sue the store for slipping on ice in their parking lot or sidewalk?" In the context of living quarters, "can i sue my landlord for not shoveling snow or removing ice at my apartment or condominium?"

Ohio school bus accident: can the bus driver be sued?

A Fremont, Ohio city school bus driver this week ran into the back of another school bus on U.S. 20 just west of U.S. 23 injuring one student from each bus. The front bus slowed for traffic and the driver of the second, back, bus was cited for failure to maintain an assured clear distance. The Bowling Green accident can be instructive of what happens when bus driver negligence injures multiple people, in this case children.

Why constant headaches after a truck or car accident may require a brain injury lawyer

Some time in your lifetime you might become a victim of a car accident. The first thing you need to consider is whether you have been injured. Don't worry about your car as it can be replaced. If you have damaged your spinal column or brain, you may have difficulty in returning to normal. The brain and spinal column have little capacity to repair themselves even with surgical intervention. If you are seriously injured, chances are the paramedics will stabilize you and cart you off to the hospital where your injuries can be assessed immediately. If your injuries seem minor you may be released on the spot. Even if your injuries seem minor you should still have a full medical exam with your healthcare provider. Quite often injuries don't show up until days to months after. Make sure you have photos of your external injuries as provided by your doctor and any scans they have done to prove that they are from the accident. If your condition persists and possibly worsens after your first check-up, you will need to go back to your doctor for further treatment. The next step is to contact a Brain injury lawyer who can assess your rights and determine if you qualify for a Personal injury settlement that will pay for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and future medical costs. The Chester Law Group brain injury attorneys in Ohio handle severe brain/spinal injuries due to car, truck and motorcycle accidents. Contact the Chester Law Group at 800-218-4243 or you can visit their website at Your Brain injury lawyer knows what assistance you will need in terms of medical evidence and will provide information on the proper steps to take to ensure success with your accident claim.

What You Need to Know About Car Accident Insurance Settlements

Car accident settlements are as unique as the person who is injured - no two are exactly alike. An accident settlement varies depending on many different factors, from the kind of injuries a person sustains, damages to the vehicle, medical costs, to even the mood of the insurance claims adjuster the day he looks over your paperwork. Most people think that insurance companies are on their side, when the truth is, the insurance companies are usually doing their best not to give you all the money that you're entitled to. If you've been involved in a serious car, motorcycle or truck accident in Ohio that is not your fault, here are a few things you should know before you file a claim with the insurance company:

Can settling a personal injury claim cost me my health insurance, Medicaid, SSI, SSDI or Medicare?

Can settling a personal injury claim cost me my health insurance, Medicaid, SSI, SSDI or Medicare benefits?

How to lose your benefits and get little or no money from your settlement by not dealing with your health carrier appropriately...

Yes, you can lose your health benefits by settling your personal injury case by yourself incorrectly. When most people think about settling their personal injury claim, they are usually concerned about how much money they will be receiving from the party-at-fault, known as the tortfeasor. The client knows that they have to pay their lawyer and other costs, and pay any unpaid medical bills, and many think they get to keep all the rest of the money. Boy can they be wrong, and pay dearly for it.

I am very grateful Attorney Chester and his staff made my life easier. I'm not afraid to call them and get answers to all the questions that I've had, and no worries. Thank You.

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