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43-Year-Old Man Injured in Ridge, Ohio, Truck Accident

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David M. Chester
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City: Ridge, Ohio
County: Van Wert County, Ohio
Date of Accident: November 2, 2011
Type of Accident: Two-Vehicle Accident/Truck/Semi-Accident  

Police reports stated that a 2002 Ford pickup and a 1999 Tractor Semi-Trailer were both headed west on Federal Highway 30 when the Ford pickup allegedly struck the tractor in the rear. The driver of the Ford pickup sustained minor injuries.

Those which were a result of drivers’ inattention were 2,442 which caused injuries. Last year Ridge Ohio suffered 8 injury crashes which resulted in 11 injuries. Ridge had a population of 3,114 last year. Accidents which involved pickup trucks last year were 14,862 which caused injuries. Those which were rear end crashes were 22,090 of a total of 81,145, which resulted in injuries. Accidents which were not hit/skip last year were 67,178 which caused injuries. Those accidents which involved tractor/semi trailers amounted to 1,875 which resulted in injuries. Accidents which occurred when it was clear amounted to 42,440 which resulted in injuries. Accidents which occurred last year when it was dark not lighted amounted to 8,526 which caused injuries.

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