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Amish teen seriously injured in Covington horse-and-buggy accident

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David M. Chester
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City: Covington, Ohio 

County: Miami County, Ohio

Date: October 9, 2010

Type: Car / Horse-and-Buggy Accident

A 16-year-old Amish boy was seriously injured when a female motorist struck his horse-and-buggy from behind October 9. He was airlifted to a local southwestern Ohio hospital. No other information is available, however authorities have stated that charges are possible.

Horse-and-buggy accidents often end up with serious injuries or deaths of the occupants for several reasons. First, the horse-and-buggy does not have modern safety features such as crumple zones or air bags, as most modern cars do. Second, horse-and-buggies are not as maneuverable, so avoiding accidents in general is harder for them to do. Also, the horse and how it reacts on the road is a factor modern car drivers do not have to deal with.  In my practice, whenever cars and buggies collide, it is almost always the horse-and-buggy occupants that are injured the most. 

Miami County, Ohio (population 98,868) had a total of 2,711 reported accidents in 2008. 7 of these accidents were fatal and 492 were injury crashes. Covington, Ohio (population 2,559) had a total of 39 reported accidents in 2008.

If you've been injured in a Covington horse-and-buggy accident / car accident, call the Miami County auto accident  lawyers at Chester Law Group at 1-800-218-4243.

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