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Back & Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Paralyzed patient able to walk again after breakthrough surgery

A new surgical procedure may offer patients with spinal cord injuries a ray of hope. British researchers have discovered that taking regenerative cells from a patient's nasal cavity and implanting them above and below the damaged site in the spinal cord can promote nerve cell grown and reconnect severed nerve endings.

What is an Average Settlement in Ohio for a Herniated Disk / Disc Claim in a Car Accident?

I am often asked what a herniated disc injury is worth. If I tell you $20,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, this does not really answer the question. I will say it all depends, and the client will ask what it depends on. This leads us to the issue of what factors determine case value of a herniated disc case. This is a very complicated question that involves many factors. For instance, a few issues that must be resolved are:

I am very grateful Attorney Chester and his staff made my life easier. I'm not afraid to call them and get answers to all the questions that I've had, and no worries. Thank You.

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