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McComb man killed in one-car crash

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David M. Chester
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City: McComb, Ohio
County: Hancock County, Ohio
Date: September 20, 2010
Type: Fatal One-Car Accident
According to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, a 41-year-old McComb man was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident September 20. His car went off the road, where it struck a tree and caught fire. The fatal crash took place on Pleasant Township Road. The crash is still being investigated.

One-car accidents make up a significant portion of injuries on Ohio roads.  When a car strikes a tree, the forces are absorbed by the front of the vehicle.  Force on the car and body equals the mass of the object moving plus the acceleration of the object. Accident reconstruction can show that heavy objects creates large forces even at relatively low impacts.  However, even with crumple zones and air bags in modern cars, the forces placed on the human body can be tremendous, far exceeding the forces the body was designed to handle.  The sheering forces on the neck and back can cause severe sprain strain injuries and herniated discs. At higher speeds, significant forces are transferred into the body cavity causing internal injuries and broken vertebrae and bones.  Even with seat belts, not everyone survives the higher speed impacts with solid objects, such as trees and telephone poles. If the object struck can absorb some or most of the impact, such as a highway barrier, then the chances of survival are increased, in my experience. Our condolences go out the the family and friends of the victim in the above Hancock County collision.

Hancock County, Ohio (population 71,295) had a total of 2,570 reported accidents in 2008. 9 of the accidents were reported fatal (10 total fatalities). 516 of the total crashes were injury crashes. 689 people were injured. McComb, Ohio (population 1,676) had a total of 14 reported crashes in 2008.

If you've been injured in a McComb car accident, call the Hancock County auto accident and wrongful death attorneys at Chester Law Group at 1-800-218-4243.

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