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Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews The 4th and Final Phase of Litigation

The 4 Phases Of The Litigation Process - Phase Four - Trial

by Ohio Personal Injury Attorney David Chester founder of Chester Law Group

In an Ohio personal injury claim litigation may be necessary for several reasons.  In many cases it is because the insurance company just will not offer a settlement that is fair to the injuried party.  Without litigation a case such as this will not be solved without starting the process of litigation.  While the litigation process is complex and tries everyone's patience it may be the only way to get a fair settlement.  This article covers the Trial Phase which in my article series is the 4th and final phase.  The prior 3 phases were Filing the Complaint, Discovery, and the Pre-Trial Phase.

Phase 4 of the Litiation Process - Trial

The last and final step in litigation is the Trial. This is the part of litigation that most people are aware of. A civil trial in Ohio (one arising out of a personal injury) is held in courtroom before a judge and jury.

In Ohio, a civil trial is held before 8 jurors who decide if and/or how much to compensate a plaintiff(s). Of these 8 jurors, 6 (three-fourths) must agree on the verdict. The judge in a jury trial does not decide the verdict in a case, but rather acts as a referee, determining how the trial is conducted and what the jury can hear.  

The first part of a trial is called voir dire. This is where the attorneys for each side pick the jury that will decide the Ohio Personal Injury Lawyercase. During voir dire, each side asks potential jurors questions seeking to eliminate any jurors who might have certain biases.

After a jury is picked, each side will begin the trial by giving opening statements. During opening statements, each side gives his/her version of what will be shown to the jury, or what facts they will hear. 

After opening statements the parties begin their case in chief, with the Plaintiff going first. During the case in chief, the Plaintiff calls witnesses for direct examination. Each witness is then subject to cross-exam by the Defense, then re-cross by the Plaintiff, etc., until each side has no more questions. 

Finally, after each side has presented their case, each party will give their closing argument. During a closing argument, a party sums up what was presented during the trial and states why the jury should rule in their favor and what compensation should be awarded. 

A trial, depending on the complexities of the case, can last anywhere from a day to over a week. While no one really enjoys going to trial, it is sometimes a necessary vehicle to obtain fair compensation when dealing with a difficult insurance company. 

Chester Law Group Co., LPA are Ohio personal injury lawyers who are experienced at litigation.  If you have a personal injury claim you need to know that your law firm have the courage to litigate.  Contact Chester Law Group today at 800-218-4243.

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