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Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

As Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers we recognize accidents happen. Negligent drivers, whether they do not see or respect the rights of motorcycle riders, can cause serious wrecks. These crashes can result in the serious injury or even death of the riders.

The moments after an Ohio motorcycle accident can be confusing and chaotic. There can be broken glass, the sound of sirens, people screaming, and your own injuries to contend with. However, it is still crucial that you take action as quickly as possible.

4 Things To Do After an Ohio Motorcycle Accident

  1. Get medical attention: Your health should be the first priority. Get immediate medical attention after an accident, and follow all directions and suggestions for follow-up care.
  2. Document as much as possible about the accident: Being able to recall information about the accident, including the details, is crucial to a successful case. Recording these details quickly ensures they will be remembered and documented correctly.  If possible, take photographs of the accidents scene and tape record any statements made by the other party on your cell phone.  This is legal in Ohio.   You may not think photos will be needed, but you may be surprised how the other party may change their story later on.
  3. Don’t talk to insurance adjusters: The insurance companies rarely have your best interests in mind, even if they say otherwise. Do not speak to the insurance adjusters without a lawyer present, and NEVER sign anything they give you.
  4. Hire a Lawyer: An experienced Ohio motorcycle accident attorney is invaluable to your case. People without representation may be viewed as an easy pushover for the insurance companies, and an attorney will give you immediate credibility.

Earn Compensation For Your Motorcycle Injuries

People who have been injured in Ohio motorcycle wrecks caused by negligent drivers may be eligible to receive financial compensation for their injuries, lost wages at work, ongoing care and much more. But these cases can be very complicated.

In order to have the best chances of earning a large settlement or jury verdict after an Ohio motorcycle wreck, you need to hire an attorney in most cases. An experienced Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer is usually an essential element to your success.


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