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Ohio Wrongful Death Attorney Who Sues For Ohio Wrongful Death Claim

Who Actually Sues for the Ohio Wrongful Death Claim

by David Chester Ohio Wrongful Death Attorney

In this video David points out that the Ohio wrongful death law has a process whereby all family members can in a sense sue for damages.  And that is without having to list each and every family members as a plaintiff.

However the law does require an executor or administrator, also called a personal representative, who will represent family members in their personal injury claims.  These family members are called beneficiaries.

In these cases the personal representative acts much like a traditional personal injury client, even though they are making decisions for the benefit of all the beneficiaries of the wrongful death claim.

The personal representative decides:

  • Whether to file a lawsuit
  • Who to sue
  • Whethers or not to settle - with probate court approval

They also have other duties as pointed out in this video.

The actual lawsuit is brought in the name of the personal representative of the estate, for the exclusive benefit of the surviving spouse, children and parents. RC 2125.02(A)(1) 

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